2023 jeonbuk korea


  • 05.12.-20.
  • 2023.
2023 jeonbuk korea


  • 05.12.-20.
  • 2023.

Buan Region Introduction

To the future to the world! The lively Buan.

Buan is followed by modifiers meaning abundance. It was called “Byeonsan Samrak” because it has three kinds of pleasures: taste, scenery, and story. Today, it is called by various names such as 'Buan, a treasure brewed by nature’, ‘the city behind Saemangeum’, ‘Culture and tourism hub’, ‘Mecca of renewable energy’, and ‘Center of the image industry’. Buan is the best place to see, eat, enjoy, experience various leisure.

Recommended Spots

  • Chaeseok River

    Chaeseok River is a collective name for the stratified cliffs and sea in Gyeokpo Port at the western end of the Byeonsan Peninsula and Dakgiibong (200m). It is said to be called ChaeseokgangRiver because it is a sedimentary rock formation that looks like a stack of strange rock formations and thousands of books, similar to the Chaeseok River in China. In particular, the sedimentary rock formations of Dakgiibong, the top of the rock of Chaeseok River, has been shaved by waves for many years, making it especially spectacular. Dakgiibong is not very high up and the path to climb it is not steep so it can be easily summited. It can also be reached by car. From the observatory at the top, you can see Gyeokpo Port, Gyeokpo Beach, and Gogunsan Island in the distance.

    address : Gyeokpo-ri, Byeonsan-myeon, Buan-gun, Jeollabuk-do

  • Celadon Museum

    There is a saying that things that look smaller from a distance are only pretty the closer you look. It was a term referring to the Celadon museum in Buan. There is not only the jadeite pottery of the general museum, but also a great place to enjoy a day course with children. On the first floor, there are a celadon production rooms where you can see the celadon production process, a celadon experience room that makes understanding celadon easier and more fun through play and experience, a planning exhibition room for exchange exhibitions, various special exhibitions with domestic and foreign museums, and a special video room where the story of Buan celadon is animated and a theatrical 4D video is shown.

    address : 1493, Cheongja-ro, Boan-myeon, Buan-gun, Jeollabuk-do

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  • Julpo Bay Tidal Flat Ecological Park

    Julpo Bay Tidal Flat Ecological Park is a peaceful park located at the southern end of Buan. It is a popular tourist destination for couples, families, and photographers who want to take pictures of the tidal flats and ecological parks. It is good for a one-day walk or a picnic. It is also gaining popularity as a camping site. Buan-gun created a reed forest 10-ri-gil and a wildflower complex to add a charming touch. In the Autumn, the reeds that turn gold are especially spectacular. Various wildflowers are in bloom in the wildflower complex and seriously stop traffic. 50 species of algae, salt plants, and tidal flat animals, including yellow gourds, live in harmony here. Julpo Bay Tidal Flat Ecological Park serves as a living tidal flat ecology experience site, and there are a variety of experiences to enjoy, such as eco-boat experience, duck pedal boat, bicycle riding, a park golf course, a fishing experience, a fish feeding experience, and many more.

    address : 170, Ecopark-ro, Julpo-myeon, Buan-gun, Jeollabuk-do

  • Nue Town

    Buan Nue Town is an exhibition and experience center with the theme of silkworms and mulberry trees. It is located in Yuyu Village, Byeonsan-myeon, a clean area in Korea. You can see all the mulberry trees and silkworms industry in Buan. Buan Nue Town has a silkworm insect science hall with 30,000 rare insects and the best electron microscope in Korea. It also features a jungle exploration hall where children can learn about silkworms and insects, and a four-season silkworm breeding room with a constant temperature learning facility and mulberry experience hall. Buan Nue Town has become the historical place of Buan mulberry industry. It will be a space that presents infinite emotion and enjoyment through the ecological experiences of silkworms and mulberry.

    address : 434-20, Champong-ro, Byeonsan-myeon, Buan-gun, Jeollabuk-do

Source : Culture and Tourism Departments

Tourist Course Introduction (two days trip)

  • Nature Ecology Park

    Julpo Nature Ecology Park, a tranquil park that is good for taking walks is located at the southern tip of Buan. The park, located along the whole Julupo-ri area has embankments built in order to prevent flooding for its low land and this turned into a resting place for the citizens. After the building of embankments 15 years ago, reeds and cattails have grown thickly, marsh has formed which developed into an ecological wetland. The total area of the park is approx. 20,000 pyong (66,116 m2). Buan-gun county has created 4 km of cattail forest, wild flower garden and a ginkgo tree road adding more charm to the park. In autumn, the golden color reeds and ginkgo tree road is a spectacular sight to see.

  • Buan Cinema Theme Park

    Buan Cinema Theme Park, which is becoming the nation's largest new cultural tourist area is a comprehensive video and culture complex that offers cinema, sightseeing, education and diverse things to see. Due to the recent popularity of Korean historical dramas and the lack of historical drama sites, Buan Video Theme Park is being used in diverse ways including a historical drama filming site.

  • Byeonsan Beach

    It is the representative beach of the west coast which lies in the Byunsanbando National Park. It is also called 'White sands and green pine beach' due to its white sands and green pine trees. In addition, it is one of Korea's oldest beaches which opened in 1933. It has an endless, soft sand and compared to beaches in the west coast, its water is relatively clear. Its average water level is only 1 m deep and has a warm water temperature so it has great conditions for a beach.

Representative Food Introduction
Lily Porridge
Lily Porridge

“The fresh taste of natural lilies! ” Lilies are a special product of Buan, the center of the west coast, and has been a gift for the king since the Joseon Dynasty. It is good for relieving anemia and hangovers for women with more than 30 nutrients and a large amount of iron. Lilies are also excellent with sashimi, as well as in steamed or grilled dishes. When cooked with porridge, it is even more light and delicious.

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