2023 jeonbuk korea


  • 05.12.-20.
  • 2023.
2023 jeonbuk korea


  • 05.12.-20.
  • 2023.


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Untact Angel Marathon
writerOrganizing Committee
Registration date2021-08-24 13:14:52

"Untact Angel Marathon" was hosted by the Organizing Committee for the APMG 2023

Jeonbuk Korea, to promote the Asia-Pacific Masters Games 2023 Jeonbuk Korea to the

entire nation of Korea, and to provide wellness and vitality to the people amid the Covid-19

pandemic and it was a non-face-to-face and sponsor donation marathon that required

no entry fee for the participants, but to run the event to earn donations from sponsors.


The event was open to anyone over the age of 20 in Korea and offered to participate

in half marathon (21 km), 10 km, or 5 km, and with convenience to challenge one’s

marathon record at any place, any time and be part of the donation event as well.


A sponsorship agreement for “Untact Angel Marathon” was finalized on April 13, 2001

and the three sponsors signed an agreement to support the donation of 7.30 EUR

(10,000 KRW) per runner that have completed the race in the event and all of the

donations are to be proceeded to a local social welfare organization.


The "Untact Angel Marathon" was held during this June 1 to 30, and from the 1,767

people that have registered for the event, a total of 838 people completed 7,181 km

and 96 (half), 291 (10km), 451 (5km) runners completed the race, and lastly the 397

winners by each event and age group were awarded in July.


Although the number of runners did not meet the sponsorship goal of 2,500 people,

the sponsors donated the entire amount from the agreement, along with the wishes

and hopes for the success of the Asia Pacific Masters Games and share the love to

the neighbors.The sponsors of Nonghyup Bank and Jeonbuk Bank have donated

7,300 EUR (10 million KRW) each, and KT Corp. donated 53,650 EUR (5 million

KRW), with a total of 10,950 EUR (25 million KRW) from the sponsors and it was

delivered to the Jeonbuk Social Welfare Community Chest to be used for neighbors

in need during the Covid-19 pandemic.


As the Asia Pacific Masters Games 2023 Jeonbuk Korea is planning to host 26 sports

program and under ‘Athletics’ sport events, the road races consists of half-marathon,

10k and 5k events, and we look forward to the day where many runners from all over

the world, who have overcome the challenges of Covid-19 will be joining the ranks of

campions and we are dreaming the day when all of us will be united with joys at the

APMG 2023 ‘Sports-for-all Festival’ in Jeonbuk Korea.


As all of us are striving to move forward with our lives during this long and arduous

marathon of Covid-19 pandemic, the Organizing Committee for APMG 2023 Jeonbuk

Korea wishes for your health and well-being in this time of history and lets continue to

help others in need and be little angels to our neighbors amid Covid-19 pandemic

because when we come together, we can overcome any challenges, accomplish the

impossibles, see greater miracles and make new histories together.