2023 jeonbuk korea


  • 05.12.-20.
  • 2023.
2023 jeonbuk korea


  • 05.12.-20.
  • 2023.

Participation Guideline

apmg 2023 전북 아시아태평양 마스터스대회 asia-pacific masters games 2023 jeonbuk korea

Participation Terms and Conditions

Participation terms and conditions related to the Asia-Pacific Masters Games 2023 Jeonbuk Korea are as follows.
Please refer to the link below for more information.

Application Procedures
    • Apply for Participation
    • Participants (athletes, non-playing officials, supporters) must apply online (via computer or smartphone) through the Entry System, GIS (Games Information System), for participation (individual/team) and pay(payment) the entry fee.
    • Games Accreditation
    • Overseas participants who have successfully completed the "Application for Participation" will receive AD cards and participant kits after identification at the registration center during the competition period, and domestic participants will be delivered in advance by courier (package) before the competition begins.
    • Sports Check-in
    • Participants who have completed the "Games Accreditation" must identify himself/herself at the competition venue for participation and identify the competiting sports and disciplines that they have applied for.
Application Procedures by Participant
Domestic Participants (Residents in South Korea)
  • Apply for Participation

    GIS (Games Information System)

  • Games Accreditation

    Secondary Accreditation Center
    (Select Yourself)

  • Sports Check-In

    Competition Venue
    (42 stadiums)

  • - Transportation support : Public transportation (station, terminal) ↔ Accreditation center ↔ Competition venue ↔ Accommodations
  • - Accommodation support : The accommodation reservation site on the competition's website supports accommodation information and reservations.
  • - Tourism program: Individual participants may use the tour program voluntarily after paying for the tour program.
  • ※ Transportation and tourism programs will be announced separately when the operational plan is finalized.
International Participants (Individual Participants)
  • Apply for Participation

    GIS(Games Information System)

  • Games Accreditation

    Main Accreditation Center

  • Sports Check-In

    Competition Venue
    (42 stadiums)

  • - Transportation support : Incoming and departing reception center (Incheon, Gimpo Airport) or public transportation (station, terminal) ↔ Accreditation Center ↔ Competition venue ↔ Accommodations
  • - Accommodation support and tourism programs : Same as domestic participants
International Participants (Team Participants)
  • Apply for Participation

    GIS(Games Information System)
    (Dedicated travel agency)

  • Games Accreditation

    Main Accreditation Center

  • Sports Check-In

    Competition Venue
    (42 stadiums)

  • - Transportation, accommodation, and tourism programs : Will be carried out in accordance with the products and services of the travel agency.
Application Procedure and Guideline
  • Application Acceptance Period
    pplication Acceptance Period
    Participants’ Category Acceptance Opening Date Acceptance Closing Date
    Individual Athletes Wednesday, January
    12, 2022 09:00
    sunsday, March
    12, 2023 24:00
    Team Athletes
    Team Athletes
    (with additional athletes)
    Director/coaches, supporters
    • ※ The acceptance commencement date and the closing date are based on Korean Standard Time (GMT+9).
    • ※ For participating athletes, the acceptance period can be extended depending on the registration situation (e.g. insufficient recruitment).
  • How to Register

    - Participate online through the website.

    - A person can participate up to three individual sports and up to five individual disciplines.

    - For application of the entry for competition, it will be first-come, first-serve basis for each event within the discipline, and will be closed when reaching competition capacity.

    - Both individual and team athletes must be applied individually after team registration by the team representative.

    ※ The additional recruitment can be carried out after the entry closing depending on the number of recruits.
Participants’ category Qualifications
(Competition Participants)
As a general rule, people who are 30 years of age or older (in the case of swimming 25 years of age or older) and who are in a healthy state to allow them participate in the competition are eligible. Provided, however, that the details on the eligibility to participate are defined in the Sports Information Guide by discipline.
Director/coaches People who will involve and participate in the Games as a director, coach, manager, etc. except athletes in the category of “Athletes (Competition Participants)”
Supporters people who do not participate in the competition, but supporting participants, enliven the event and tour the host country and region to enjoy their culture. Except the right to participate in the competition, they have the same rights and privileges as Athletes and Non-Playing Officials. Person who is 12 years of age or older (born before December 31, 2011) is eligible.
Participation Fee
  • Basic Participation Fee
    Participation Fee
    Category of participants Game Registration Fee (KRW) Right to participate in competition Right to get involved in competition Right for spectating the games Right to participate in ceremonies Right to use various services Participant Kits
    Residents in South Korea* Athletes 120,000won    
    Director / coaches 60,000won    
    Residents in Foreign countries* Athletes 250,000won    
    Director / coaches 120,000won    
  • Extra Participation Fee
    Extra Participation Fee
    Sports Discipline Applied to Extra Fee Cause for Extra Fee
    Golf Golf Residents in South Korea / Residents in Foreign countries 180,000won Golf course and Cart usage Fee
    (3 days participation for every player)
    Shooting Clay, Rifle Residents in Foreign countries 65,000won Customs clearance charge for guns
    ※ Residents in foreign countries who have Korean nationality and foreign nationals living in Korea (with a residence card) are classified as “residents in South Korea”. ※ Residence will be determined based on the acceptance closing date in case where the place of residence has changed since participation registration.

    - Age Criteria : Registration fees must be paid for at least 12 years old as of 31 December the year before the competition takes place. (Born on or before December 31, 2011)

    - Early Entry : 10% discount on participation registration within 6 months* of the acceptance commencement date.

    ※ January 12, 2022 - July 11, 2022 (Basic fee only, excluding extra fee)
Payment Methods
  • Credit Card (Total 17 companies: 11 domestics, 6 foreigns)
    Credit Card
    Category General Mobile Payments
    Domestic Kookmin, Lotte, BC, Samsung, Shinhan, Hana, Hyundai, NH Card Naver Pay, Kakao Pay, Payco
    Foreign VISA, MASTER, JCB Union Pay, Ali, WeChat
Virtual accounts*
  • 13 financial institutions

    Gwangju, Kookmin, Corporate, Nonghyup, Daegu, Busan, Shinhan, Woori, Post Office, Foreign Exchange, Hana, SC First Bank, K-Bank

    ※ Only for residents in South Korea
Cancellation Policy
  • Cancellation Overview

    Cancellation requirements vary according to each case, including the reasons beyond the Organizers control (e.g. natural disaster, terrorism, and epidemic disease), the case where the Organizer decides to cancel or change the dates of a competition, and the participants' own circumstances.

  • Cancellation Details
    Cancellation Details
    Category Details Notes
    Partial refund
    • In case the cancellation process is completed within the cancellation period according to the circumstances of the individuals (either individual or team) after applying for participation. ※ Refund processing, excluding fees (5%)
    Full refund
    • In the case of cancellation due to the reasons beyond the Organizers control* or the responsible reason of the Organizers** after applying for participation. * Reasons for safety due to natural disasters, social events, accidents, infectious diseases, etc ** postponement or cancellation of the competition schedule, inability to proceed with the competition, change of disciplines, etc
    • If the participant has died or proved that participation in the competition is virtually impossible***. *** Submission of documents such as death certificate and hospitalization confirmation (decided by the Organizing Committee)
    No refund
    • Where personal information such as name, gender, health status, etc. is falsely stated (including unintentional mistakes) or the transference of participation to a person other than the person who registered.
    • In the case of cancellation due to the reasons beyond the Organizers control, due to the reasons that the participants unable to participate, or in the case where sports and disciplines have been partially canceled but participation in the competition is possible after the games accreditation.*. ※ The Organizer is not responsible for compensation or refunds etc. in such cases.
  • Cancellation period by registration grade
    Cancellation period by registration grade
    Category Partial Refund
    (excluding 5% of fees)
    No Refund Notes
    Athletes By Tuesday, January 31, 2023 24:00 Wednesday, February 1, 2023 onward Based on Korean standard time
    Director/Coaches, Supporters
Refund Policy
  • Refund Overview

    Refund the same as the participant's payment method if the cancellation requirement is applied and the cancellation process is completed.

  • Refund Details
    Refund Details
    Category Details Notes
    Credit Card
    • If the participation fee is paid by credit card, refund by credit card within the cancellation deadline* by domestic and foreign credit card companies.
    • After the cancellation date, the credit card company cannot be refunded, and the organization committee will refund the registration fee through the financial institution**. *Refund within 5 days at home and within 10 days at abroad(Refund timing may vary depending on card company)
      **Refund within 20 days of excluding fees due to remittance (Remittance fees are not excluded for the full refund recipients)
    Virtual Account
    • If a participant resided in South Korea pays by virtual account transfer, refund to his/her financial institution's account within five days within the cancellation period.
    • After the cancellation deadline, the organization committee will refund the registration fee through the financial institution. (excluding remittance fee) ※ FRemittance fees are not excluded for the full refund recipients
  • Cancellation Deadline by Payment Methods
    Cancellation Deadline by Payment Methods
    Category Domestic
    credit card
    Virtual Account
    Foreign Credit Card
    Ali·WeChat Union Pay VISA·MASTER·JCB
    Cancellation period
    (from payment)
    1year 180days 1year 180days 90days
Participant Kits
  • Slingback


  • T-shirt


  • Sports Bottle

    Sports Bottle

  • Jeonbuk Tour Pass 1-Day Pass(Tourist Type)

    Jeonbuk Tour Pass 1-Day Pass
    (Tourist Type)

  • Local Gift Certificate

    Local Gift Certificate

- Subject to payment : Participating athletes and companions - Item : 5 types - Distribution : Delivery of domestic participants (packages), and on-site distribution of overseas participants to Jeonju World Cup Stadium. ※ Domestic participants enter their personal information such as address and contact information accurately when registering the application. Please give it to me. ※ When registering for 50,000 won for local love gift certificate and 10,000 won for companions (director, coach, etc.) Please choose your first Gyeonggi area standard. ※ The above items are subject to change, except for damage, defects, etc. of the participant kit. Not exchanged.
Traffic Information
  • - See here for public transportation to Jeollabuk-do.

    ※ Shuttle buses from the international airport to the registration center will be announced separately.
Handling of Personal Information
  • - Personal information shall be handled in accordance with the relevant statutes to be complied with, such as the International Master's Association's Personal Information Policy, the Act on Promotion and Information Protection, etc.

    - The organizer can collect and use personal information for the purpose of improving service for participants and notification of participation in competitions, competition progress, record notification, competition information (tourism, transportation, accommodation, etc.).

    ※ For more information on privacy policies, refer to the “Terms of use of the Game Integration System”.
Special Points of Attention
  • - Participants are recommended to take a medical examination before participating in the competition, take care of their health, and participate in the competition with sufficient training.

    - In the event of injury to the body due to contact or accident at the stadium where the competition took place, the Organizer shall provide first aid to the accident, but shall not be responsible for anything else.