2023 jeonbuk korea


  • 05.12.-20.
  • 2023.
2023 jeonbuk korea


  • 05.12.-20.
  • 2023.

Promotional Ambassador of the Games

  • 나태주 홍보대사 사진

    Na Taeju

    • Job
    • Singer, movie star
    • Cheer
    • We support the 2023 Jeonbuk Korea Asia Pacific Masters Games!
    • A word of resolution
    • It is an honor to be the ambassador for the 2023 Jeonbuk Asia Pacific Masters Games. Through these Asia Pacific Masters Games, we will do our best to promote the status of Korea beyond Jeollabuk-do to the world!
    • Main Career
    • WT 2018 World Poomsae Championship 1st
    • Main Activities
    • Movie

      Leading Actor of the movie ‘The Kick’ Supporting actor of the movie ‘Hero’ Supporting actor of the Hollywood movie ‘PAN’

      Broadcast & Performance

      MNET ‘I can see your voice’ KBS ‘1 vs 100’ K-POP X K-Tigers Special LIVE KISSES Japan KBS2 ‘Immortal Masterpiece-Singing Legends’ won at 458 roundings and 453 roundings TV Chosun ‘Wife's Taste’ Naver TV ‘My boss is a million YouTuber’ MTN ‘2020 Broadcast Advertising Festival CF Star Award’ EBS1 ‘Live Broadcast Talk! Talk! Bonnie Hannie’


      K Tigers Arirang Album and 6 other albums


      Movie 'DeadPool' (1),(2) BEANPOLE-Outdoor Mobile Game ‘Baekjeon-baekseong’
  • Presidents of the Overseas Korean Sports Council
    Association Photo Name
    Overseas Korean Sports Council President
    (Korea sports council in the Philippines)
    윤만영 Yoon Manyoung
    Korea Sports Council in U.S.A. 이규성 Lee Kyu Seong
    Korean Sports Council in Canada 정철화 Jung Chul Hwa
    Korea Sports Council in Spain 최관성 Choi Kwan Seong
    Korean Sports Council in Hong Kong 신용훈 Shin Yong Hoon
    Korean Sports Council in Brazil 박경천 Park Kyung Chum
    Korea Sports Council in Australia 신필립 Shin Phillip
    Korean Sports Council in Argentina 정연철 Jung Yeon Chul
    Presidents of the Overseas Korean Sports Council
    Association Photo Name
    Korean Sports Council in Guam 이종빈 Lee Jongbin
    Korea Sports Council in NewZealand 손조훈 Son Johoon
    Korea Sports Council in Saipan 김병철 Kinm Byung Cheol
    Korea Sports Council in Japan 최상영 Choi Sang Young
    Korea Sports Council in UK 오현균 Oh Hyun Gyun
    Korea Sports Council in Malaysia 이원규 Lee Won Gyu
    Korea Sports Council in Indonesia 이종현 Lee Jong Hyun
    Korean Sports Council in Vietnam 손민창 Son Min Chang

    Yoon Manyoung President

    • Position
    • Overseas Korean Sports Council President
    • Word of Encouragement
    • 'We support 2023 Jeonbuk Asia-Pacific Masters Conference regardless of the physical distance'
    • Comments
    • 'I had huge interest and affection in Jeollabuk-do as an athlete.' 'I will take the lead in promoting 2023 Jeonbuk Asia-Pacific Masters Conference.'
    • Major Status (Overseas Korean Sports Council)
    • Non-profit corporation organized with companies‧economic associations‧individuals Regional Associations located in 18 countries and territories; Japan, US, Germany, Canada, Spain, Hong Kong SAR, Brazil, Australia, Argentina, Guam, New Zealand, Saipan, the Philippines, China, UK, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. 300,000 indirect sport organization members in 20 countries including states with limited recognition.
    • Major Activities
    • Participation in The National Sports Festival as Overseas Residents Teams Inter-Korean sports exchanges Sports information services by country Local sports research sharing International training support for professional athletes